Madigan fires long-time aide over sexual harassment claim


SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WAND) - Following allegations of sexual harassment by a staff member, House Speaker Michael Madigan fired long-time aide Kevin Quinn. 

According to a statement released by Madigan, a woman came forward in November to make Madigan aware that Quinn made unwanted advances on her. He also sent the woman inappropriate text messages. Madigan consulted with his attorney and opened an investigation on Quinn. 

Through the investigation it was found that Quinn engaged in inappropriate conduct and failed to exercise the professional judgment Madigan expects. 

Quinn was let go. He has worked for Madigan for nearly 20 years. This was the only allegation against Quinn. However, he recently plead guilty to misdemeanor disorderly conduct. 

Madigan's attorney, Ms. Wier Vaught also made several recommendations to prevent further behavior from any other staff members. Madigan said his team is actively taking steps to make those changes. 

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