Latham cafe rises from the ashes


LATHAM, Ill. (WAND) - One year after fire destroyed left water and smoke damage, the Korner Café still bustled with customers Monday morning.

The fire destroyed a neighboring building that housed apartments and a storefront.

We were having breakfast, Saturday morning breakfast,” remembered Samantha Underwood, between serving customers Monday. “I had to evacuate 15, 20 customers. My mom was still in the kitchen boxing up people's meals: 'Here, take this to go.'"

The restaurant closed for six months before reopening last year.

“Anybody knows that, when they have a restaurant, this is their life,” Underwood said. “You're not only married to your spouse and your life at home, but you're married to your restaurant as well. So if you feel like your marriage is strong enough, you're going to pick yourself back up, do what needs to be done and get it back in running order.”

The neighboring building, where the fire began, was a total loss.

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