Top cities for singles list includes Champaign-Urbana

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CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WAND) – The Champaign-Urbana area ranks as one of the best places for single people.

It’s part of a list constructed by 24/7 Wall Street, which looks closely at income levels and the number of businesses to determine its rankings. Champaign-Urbana sits at No. 18 on the list.

24/7 Wall Street says the home of the University of Illinois has an average annual income of $41,878. About 57 percent of the total population in the area is listed as single. It says people in the community are “financially independent” because of the community’s economy.

The publication says cities where single people aren’t in the majority might be places where the cost of living is low or a thriving nightlife exists.

Champaign-Urbana is directly ahead of La Crosse-Onalaska (Wisconsin/Minnesota) and Fargo (North Dakota/Minnesota) on the list. Bloomington, Ind., which is the home of Indiana University, is six spots ahead of Champaign-Urbana at No. 12.

Midland, Texas is No. 1 on the list. 

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