Jay Scott: Special prosecutor move 'politically motivated witch hunt'


DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) - Macon County State's Attorney Jay Scott issued a statement Wednesday after a grand jury decided not to file charges against him but did accuse Scott of allowing a "toxic and threatening" workplace.

In the statement, Scott said he believes the appointment of a special prosecutor in his case was a political "witch hunt fueled by the desire for revenge on the part of disgruntled former employees of our office." 

Last week the special prosecutor assigned to the case decided not to file any criminal charges. Scott was accused of allowing employees to engage in electioneering within county offices, used his county-owned smart-phone for political and personal uses, solicited an employee of the Macon County Sheriff's Office to support his campaign in community parades and exhibited pornographic material to a female state's attorney employee and female crime victim on a computer owned by the county.

In Scott's statement, he says that state law does not give grand juries the ability to issues general reports.  

“Instead of filing a No True Bill of Indictment, Wong filed a slanderous document entitled “Findings and Recommendations,” a general report outside the duties of the grand jury, which has now been made public.  I dispute the allegations of this document in their entirety.”

A grand jury did accuse Scott of allowing “toxic and threatening” work conditions around the workplace, including abuse of power, retaliation, favoritism and inadequate record keeping. The jury has recommended that the Illinois Attorney and Registration Disciplinary Commission take a look at the case.

Read Scott's full statement below: 

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