R Bar and Grille offers land, sea and air menu options

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DECATUR, Ill. WAND) - R Bar and Grille is a venture of a former architect. 

A baby grand piano sits in the corner. Striking colors of bright red, white and black are everywhere.

The R Bar and Grille creates a quaint and unique space for dinner and entertainment.

Randy West the owner says, There will be like a smooth jazz, always music playing. (It's a) kind of laid back but lively space. People are close."

Former Architect Randy West loves food, people, and music.

He says, "people skills are everything it's service architects service their clients and try to make sure they have a good experience."

December first he opened the doors to his dream after his wife passed in 2016.

West says, "I  was walking by ...One Main Realty had improved the store front and I though boy this is it this is R Bar and Grille and I always knew it would be R Bar and Grille R was  my signature as an architect."

His three full time employees include experienced Chef Ray Durbin, who was prepping the menu for the 4 o'clock opening.

Durbin says, "When he told me I have carte blanche back here I pretty much ran with it and we change the menu every single Tuesday."

Today he was mixing up his famous meatloaf. 

"They are not gonna find a meatloaf here in town like mine...might find a meatloaf but not gonna be this one," he said. "I would almost guarantee they're not gonna find an 8 ounce Angus beef hot dog anywhere in town."

Those are on the fun section of the menu.

Main courses are land, sea, and air.

Randy West says, :" So we came up those categories kinda framework for how we select our new items for the next week we might trade out a chicken dish for duck and sea elements are what we can get currently and fresh."

The impressive bar seats 10 people.

To the side, there is a large wine case with choice selections to pair to the menu.

There are beers on tap, soon to include D-town brown and selections from  Door 4 Brewing.

And there is the signature drink named after Randy's wife.

The Shari chocolate Martini made with Godiva Chocolate, Frangelico, and a really good vodka.

The R Bar and Grille  is open Tuesday through Saturday with dinner times at 4, 5, 6:30 and 8 p.m.

Call 217 330 6825 or find them on Facebook to see their daily menu. 

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