'Hug Bingo' brings crowd together

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URBANA, Ill. (WAND) – Bingo players played a special version of their favorite game this week.

Residents at Clark-Lindsey Village are playing “Hug Bingo”, where players have to traverse “Hug-O-Spaces” and hug things like neighbors, animals and trees. The game started when one of the people living in the complex had an idea.

Barbara Orden says this twist can be healthy for people who are dealing with some sort of stress.

“The therapeutic value that happens when you give a hug (or) get a hug… it’s very nourishing in both directions,” Orden said. “It reduces stress and a known love hormone is released.”

Friday’s “Hug Bingo” game ended with a giant hug featuring all players at Clark-Lindsey Village.

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