Local schools review safety protocol

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MACON COUNTY, Ill. (WAND) - Local schools are reacting and reviewing their safety plans for active shooter situations. 

Warrensburg-Latham Superintendent Kristen Kendrick says, "when something like the shooting in Florida happens, you start to think about your own district and community and pray that it never happens here or anywhere." 

Macon County Sheriff's Deputy Jim Root explains, "after every incident there is something new that comes out, it's a lesson learned." 

Superintendent Kendrick explains the district has a safety emergency plan in place and it covers a variety of topics like fires, tornadoes and active shooter situations. She says the district works with the Macon County Sheriff's Department and Warrensburg Police to have a plan in place for any situation. 

Warrensburg-Latham Schools say their staff and teachers are encouraged to always be on the lookout for any warning signs of a student being sad or upset. Kendrick explains that the district wants students to reach out to students and families that may be in bad situations. 

Jacksonville superintendent Steve Ptacek says his district worked to rewrite its emergency procedures in the last year in changes that involve better training and a larger number of security cameras. 

Ptacek says more changes are coming, but wouldn't specify what they are for safety reasons. He says better security at entrances throughout the district are now improved.

Greg Wheeler, Warrensburg's police chief, says if anyone knows of a student is having a problem, people shouldn't be afraid to let a teacher or principal know.  

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