Bumpy driving conditions throughout central Illinois

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DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) - The rain, ice and salt over the winter created a lot of work for Decatur road crews. 

All across central Illinois, drivers are dodging and swerving all the potholes. 

Terri Sites says she's very upset. She explains that driving over the holes so many times has caused the shocks on her truck to go out, and now she has to fix them. 

The city of Decatur is working around the clock to get the holes filled. Matt Newell, the director of Decatur Public Works, says they are getting them fixed as the weather permits. Newell says the recent rain caused them to slow down, but on Wednesday crews were out again working. 

Newell says the city can use the public's help filling potholes. Newell say an interested person can head to the city's website and fill out a citizen's request form. 

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