Pot legalization question to appear on ballot

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SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WAND) – Illinois lawmakers are continuing the discuss the possibility of legalizing marijuana.

A new step in the debate happened Wednesday, when Illinois Senate Executive Committee members decided to put a non-binding question on the ballot asking if Illinoisans would support recreational use of the drug. The meeting happened at the State Capitol in Springfield.

NBC 5 Chicago reports State Sen. Heather Steans is behind a bill that would legalize up to nearly an ounce of marijuana. It would also legalize the sale of marijuana products.

One lawmaker says the state has bigger things to worry about.

“Of all the issues that we are a state are facing, that we have an opportunity to present to our citizens … I would frankly put this very low on the list,” Republican State Sen. Chris Nybo said.

“We want to bring the people into the debate as they’ve done in other states and give them the opportunity to register their opinion,” said Democratic State Sen. Bill Cunningham.

The question will appear on the Nov. 6 ballot in Illinois.  

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