Teen keeps organ music in small town


EDGEWOOD, Ill. (WAND)- Sunday morning, Cecilia Annable climbed into the choir loft of St. Anne Catholic Church and settled behind the organ.

Cecilia, 14, has been playing organ for services at the church since she was eleven. She began playing the instrument with encouragement from her grandmother.

“She got me taking lessons from a friend, and she taught me a lot of chords and how to play a melody with chords,” Cecilia said.

Advocates for sacred music have warned that some congregations struggle to find organists.

“It’s a sacred instrument, made for sacred music to praise a sacred God,” Cecilia said. “I took over (playing at St. Anne) when I was eleven, so I didn’t realize how much it meant, but I can’t really envision the place without me and my sister.”

Cecilia’s sister Lucy sings for Masses and other events at the church. The two also play Irish and bluegrass music with fiddle, ukulele and banjo.

“(We play at) a few talent shows, festivals … open mics,” Cecilia said.

“Every time we go to fiddle contests, I get shaky,” Lucy said with a laugh.  

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