Haircuts and beer could soon mix in Vegas

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LAS VEGAS (WAND) – It might soon be possible to have a drink while getting a haircut in Las Vegas.

The Clark County board in Nevada is considering an ordinance that would make it legal for salons, barbershops and spas to sell wine or beer. Business owners in Las Vegas say they pushed the county for the law change, saying customers have asked them if they sell liquor.

Maryland, Mississippi, Utah, Virginia, Washington and Virginia already have laws allowing alcohol sales in haircut-related businesses. Illinois does not allow anything similar.

Susan Brager, who serves as a commissioner on the Clark County board, says she thinks expanding liquor licenses opens the door to a slippery slope of all businesses offering drinks. She told the Las Vegas Sun she would want a carefully crafted ordinance in order to support it.

The proposed ordinance would require businesses to show their plans for where and how they would sell the drinks. Each customer would be limited to two 8-ounce drinks.

County leaders plan to talk about the issue more at a March 6 public meeting.

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