New criteria for nursing home sale


URBANA, Ill. (WAND) – A committee in charge of the purchase of the Champaign County Nursing home will evaluate the cost based on four criteria measurements.

In January, the Champaign County Board voted to place the nursing home for sale with a minimum bid of $11 million. Offers are due Wednesday.

The RFP 2018-001 Evaluation Review Committee will place the greatest emphasis on four areas. These include purchase proposal, financial stability of proposed purchaser, commitment to nursing home residents, and overall quality, comprehensiveness and adequacy of care.

Professional qualifications, specialized experience and commitment to employees are other categories that will be evaluated as well.

Committee members plan to meet once again on March 12 to start the process of reviewing any proposals for purchase.

A qualified bidder could potentially be selected by May 15 with the county board approving of a purchase agreement by May 24. Both dates are subject to changes and revisions by the board.

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