St. Mary's, Joslin Diabetes Center hold heart health, diabetes event


DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) - St. Mary's and the Joslin Diabetes Center partnered for the hospitals last heart health event of the month.

The hospital aimed at educating people on the connection between heart disease and diabetes.

Registered Dietician Ginny Kerwin says people with diabetes you have a higher risk of heart disease.

"It does cause clogged arteries and strokes, so with February being American diabetes month, we are pushing awareness of not only diabetes but the risk of heart disease," Kerwin said.

You can reduce your risk of both diabetes and heart disease by adding a variety of foods to your diet and monitoring your sodium intake. 

Kerwin also recommends cutting out sugary drinks from your diet.

"There really isn't an magical pill or food that's going to help, but we're trying to get a variety of foods in your diet. Add more fiber, more protein and things like turkey,chicken and cutting back red meat," Kerwin says. 

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