Mattoon man found guilty of murdering girlfriend


MATTOON, Ill. (WAND) - A Mattoon man was found guilty of murdering his girlfriend in 2016.

26-year-old James Todd Shafer was found guilty of first-degree murder and other offenses in the June 18, 2016 shooting death of Ciara Faires.

Shafer was accused of firing two shots from inside an apartment in the 300 block of S. 21st. St. One of those bullets hit and killed Faires.

Evidence showed three other men were outside the apartment at the time to confront Shafer about not returning a gun he received to commit a robbery. One of them may have fired a gun.

Shafer and Faires were hiding at the apartment before they were to leave the state.

Faires was told to leave the apartment, because of an argument, but she was still outside when the others arrived. When Shafer fired the shots from inside the apartment door, she was hit.

A jury decided the fact that Shafer may have felt threatened during the confrontation with the men was not enough to justify firing the shot that killed Faires.

Shafer will be sentenced on April 20. He faces 45 years to life on the first-degree murder conviction.

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