'Moms Demand Action' rally on Capitol stairs

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SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WAND): Hundreds filled the stairs of the Illinois State Capitol on Wednesday.

"It's an incredibly difficult time," Lindsay Aikman, a teacher in the Champaign Urbana area, says. "I am here because I'm tired of senseless gun violence affecting the lives of so many of the students that I teach."

She is part of the group Moms Demand Action, which rallied outside the state capitol as legislators prepared to vote on several gun bills.

Aikman says the recent school shooting has opened a difficult dialogue in the classroom.

"For students who are survivors of gun violence, this is an incredibly triggering time," she says. "The school shootings are a time for the nation to focus on what so many of my students experience and live with daily."

She says gun issues are statewide.

"This is not just a big-city, Chicago problem," she says. "This is happening in our small cities in the state, as well."

Moms Demand Action is mainly focused on one of five bills in the House today: the gun shop licensing law.

"In Illinois, hairdressers need to be licensed by the state. We regulate roofers, we make sure the food that we eat is regulated," Elly Hanauer, with Moms Demand Action, says. "We're just asking for the same thing to apply to gun dealers."

The bill passed the House on Wednesday afternoon. If it becomes law, it would place stricter regulations on gun dealers.

"[It would] ensure that they just institute some common business practices, like training their employees on how to conduct background checks on every sale and installing video surveillance to help stop gun theft, which is a major problem in Illinois."

The bill now heads to the Illinois State Senate.

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