Mom - pop gun shops get hit in licensing bill

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SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WAND) – Mom and pop guns shops will be shelling out big bucks under a proposed gun shop licensing bill.

The bill was passed by the Illinois House and Senate on Wednesday.  It now moves on to Governor Rauner’s desk.

The measure will require gun shops to be licensed by the state even though they are already federally licensed.  The bill will require a $1,000 fee for the 5-year license, state inspections and a potentially expensive video surveillance system.  Cameras will have to be installed in every room of the interior of the gun shop and range along with exterior cameras.  The gun shop will also face storage expenses to maintain the videos.

While privately owned gun shops are required to be licensed big-box stores, like Walmart, will not have to have their gun business licensed.  One gun advocate told lawmakers you could have a kid from the grocery section at Walmart selling guns without training.  Another gun lobbyist suggested the measure will put some gun shops out of business.

The Illinois Department of Professional Regulation, which would license the gun shops, expressed concerns over the cost of enforcement saying it would have to hire more people for shop inspections.

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