Volunteers raise money after transplant


DECATUR, Ill. (WAND)- Volunteers are raising funds for a high schooler who underwent a heart transplant in December.

The girl, Hannah Bean, fell ill nearly two years ago.

“July 11, 2016 I had a cardiac arrest in my house, and my sister and step-dad saved my life until the EMTs came and did CPR, shocked me with the defibrillator and flew me to St. Louis,” Hannah said.

Eventually, doctors decided Hannah needed a heart transplant. She received one December 9, 2017.

“I’m almost twelve weeks out, and I feel great,” Hannah said. “I can run, I can go the full day of school. There’s just so many things you never think would be a big journey to get to.”

Meanwhile, Hannah’s mother contacted the Children’s Organ Transplant Association for help with future costs after the transplant.

“I reached out to them in the fall, once I realized the cost behind not only the transplant surgery, but the costs she’ll have for the rest of her life, such as immuno-suppressant medication, doctor’s appointments, heart caths, heart biopsies.”

Now, volunteers in Decatur are raising $75,000 in Hannah’s honor. Information on donating is available here.

Organizers of the Garfield Montessori School’s spring musical are giving a special performance on March 24 to raise funds as well.

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