3 juveniles detained for making school threats


LOUISVILLE, Ill. (WAND) – North Clay Sheriff’s Department has arrested three juveniles for making threats to North Clay schools on Wednesday.

School officials interviewed students about a possible threat at the end of the school day. They reported the threats to the sheriff’s office. Shortly after receiving the threat sheriff’s deputies detained two juveniles. A third juvenile was detained a short time later.

In a statement sent home to the parents, Superintendent Monty Aldrich wanted to let parents know of the facts of what was happening.

“Today near dismissal time, there was a tip given to administration of a possible threat being planned to be carried out by a small group of individuals. Administrators acted quickly to detain suspects for questioning and contacted law enforcement officials. Many students may have witnessed this as they were loaded onto buses for the trip home, so we wanted to clarify what took place. The investigation is continuing this evening after much information was obtained,” the statement said.

The superintendent called for more security to the buildings on Thursday, but eventually called off classes.

According to the sheriff’s office the juveniles were taken to a local juvenile detention center, where they are awaiting their first court appearance.

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