Drunk man stuck with four-figure Uber bill

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GLOUCESTER COUNTY, N.J. (WAND) – A man woke up from an Uber trip to a bill of over $1,500.

Drunk New Jersey man Kenny Bachman was spending time in West Virginia when he called up Uber, hoping for a ride to the place he was staying near West Virginia University. At the end of the trip, he woke up to discover the driver made a 300-plus mile trip to New Jersey.

Bachman said he didn’t know what he was happening or who the driver was when they woke him up at the end of the trip.

His bill ended up at $1,635, partially because of the mileage and also because he ordered the higher-cost UberXL, which can seat up to six people. Bachman gave the driver money for tolls.

Bachman paid the full bill after disputing it with Uber. He also gave his driver a 5-star rating.

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