Shelbyville voters consider sewer funding


SHELBYVILLE, Ill. (WAND)- Voters are set to consider a referendum to fund upgrades to the city’s sewer system.

Shelbyville is one of more than 800 communities that has a combined sewer overflow system that carries both storm water and sewage, according to the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency. To comply with federal policy on such systems, Shelbyville submitted a plan to the Illinois EPA to upgrade their sewer system.

“In years past, nobody was concerned that storm sewer and sanitary sewer were going through the same place, but this is something the EPA wants us to keep separate,” explained water and sewer commissioner Debe Wright. “We have already made several improvements in our … sewer plant to take care of this.”

The referendum on the ballot would allow the city to issue up to $5.78 million of bonds to cover the costs.

“Our intention is not to use any more bonds unless we absolutely have to,” Wright said. “We’re looking at other funding options, grants, other programs where we can possibly get other funds from first.”

Wright said the measure would also allow the city council to refinance existing bonds in order to get more favorable interest rates.

The election is March 20.

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