Python with deer inside of it discovered

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Photo courtesy of Conservancy of Southwest Florida Photo courtesy of Conservancy of Southwest Florida

NAPLES, Fla. (WAND) – An eye-popping image shows a python that had swallowed a deer.

The 31.5 pound python, found on April 7, 2015 by biologists tracking the species in Collier Seminole State Park, didn’t weigh as much as the 35 pound fawn it swallowed. The invasive Burmese python was 11 feet long.

Biologist Ian Bartoszek said the discovery was the largest python-to-prey weight difference he’s every recorded. His team was stunned at what they found.

In 2018, the discovery will be documented in a March issue of Herpetological Review, according to NBC Miami.

Researchers became concerned that the pythons, which are considered an endangered species after coming to South Florida as pets in the late 1970s, could hurt the food supply of Florida’s endangered panthers. Those cats feed on white-tailed deer.

Bartoszek said the snake could have eaten the whole animal had they left it in the wild.

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