Childlike laughter reported coming from Amazon speakers

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(WAND) – Reports are surfacing of Amazon virtual assistant devices laughing at random times.

People started posting about the problem on Twitter in the last several weeks. User @CaptHandlebar posted a video on Feb. 22 in which his Amazon Echo Dot makes a laughing sound through an attached speaker.

“I thought a kid was laughing behind me,” the person said in the tweet.

Amazon’s speakers allow people to listen to music, shop, set alarms and do other things using voice commands. The company first introduced the speakers in November 2014.

NBC News reports the laughter, sometimes heard as a childlike cackle, is happening at inappropriate times. People have reported their Amazon Echo and Alexa devices would laugh and then refuse to complete a task.

Another Twitter user said their device started listing off funeral homes and cemeteries without any prompt to do so.

Amazon says it has heard about the issue and is working on a solution.

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