Man Vs. Machine

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CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WAND) - The Urbana Fire Department held its "Man in the Machine" training today. 

The whole crew took part in working to get fake limbs out of a grinder. 

They used pig tails to act as limbs to get realistic practice. 

Officials say they responded to several calls over the past few years dealing with limbs stuck in machines.

Firefighter, Jacob Hutchcraft says this training is important because even though the calls are rare, they do happen.

"A lot of the issue comes when people are trying to help prior to our arrival," Hutchcraft says. "They might try to operate the machinery, and it might make it worse, so we recommend stopping everything and calling us first."

The training took two hours to complete. Key points included how to properly cut through and dissemble machines and also how to best help a victim. 

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