Administrators look to consolidate schools in ALAH district

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ARTHUR, Ill. (WAND) — Few things inspire the passions of parents quite like their child’s education.

Jesse Burnett is one of many parents concerned about the future of the Arthur School District.

Right now, the district has three K-8 schools: one in Arthur, one in Lovington and one in Atwood. Burnett’s five kids are at the school in Lovington.

“[My] kids love going to school together,” he said. “They ride in the van together.”

The consolidation of grade levels would put all kids in kindergarten through second grade, third through fifth in Atwood and sixth through eighth in Lovington. That means Burnett’s third-grader would go to Atwood and his quadruplets would be in Arthur.

“That means I have to get up earlier in the morning to get them ready,” Burnett said. “Getting five kids ready is not an easy task.”

The theory is this move would improve teacher efficiency and get kids a more equitable education.

But Burnett worries the move will add stress to families — and the district’s bottom line.

“[I’m] not completely opposed to it,” Burnett said. “[My] biggest concern is the cost of the busing and the kids being on the bus for two hours [per day].”

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