Police: Man faked burglary to steal from safe

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Andrew Wilson, 24 Andrew Wilson, 24

DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) – Police say a man staged a burglary in his mother’s house.

When responding to a Thursday call in the 2500 block of Hedrick Court in Decatur, officers say they found the back door and window open. They noticed someone had cut the screen from the window, but noted there were no marks on the outside of the house consistent with someone trying to force their way in.

In the house, they found a safe with pry marks on it.

Police say Andrew Wilson, 24, was listed as the emergency contact for the security system in his mother’s house. Officers say Wilson admitted to setting up the fake burglary after trying to break into her safe. They say Wilson didn’t want her knowing that he tried to steal from her.

Police say the mother was in the hospital while Wilson watched her dog.

Sworn statements say Wilson opened drawers and left things all over the floor, then stole some of the mother’s medications and triggered the alarm.

Wilson faces a disorderly conduct charge for submitting a false report to police. He’s in the Macon County Jail with a bond set a $5,000.

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