Preparing for severe weather season

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(WAND) - Severe weather happens anytime of day and anytime of year, and there are important steps you should take to help keep your family safe both before, and after the storm.

Now is the time when the weather is quiet to think about your plan for safety.

The Macon County Emergency Management Agency says one of the best ways to prepare is by talking to your family and finding a safe location in your home to ride out the storm.

When thunderstorms are on the horizon, it’s important to know the forecast and have a way to get notified of severe weather warnings.

Jim Root from the Macon County Emergency Management agency says, “It's every family's responsibility to make sure that they have some type of notification on when pending severe weather is going to happen."

Having a NOAA Weather Radio is a reliable way to get real-time alerts when warnings are issued by the National Weather Service.

When heading to your safe spot, it’s also important to be prepared for the aftermath once a storm hits your home.

Root says, "Make sure that when you're in your safe spot that you're fully clothed, you have shoes on, of that nature because if your house gets hit by a tornado, when you're going to come out there's going to be a lot of debris and you need to make sure you're protected when you come out of your safe spot."

After a storm, be sure to follow instructions from local officials.

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