Teacher, animal helper, community leader earns award

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DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) - When it comes to giving back to her community, Shirley Stanley is a triple threat.

Stanley surrounds herself with dietetics, dogs and dance. She works with Millikin University's dance program, the Macon County Control and Care center, and she gave 45 years as a dietitian at Decatur Memorial Hospital.

Her partner at Millikin's dance program, Sergey Bogza, says it's just how Shirley is.

"She does everything for everyone," Bogza said.

When WAND News asked Stanley why she gives so much time to her community, she said, "The main reason why I do stuff I do because it's where I live, and I get to do stuff with people who also live here and want to see it happen." 

Bogza says Shirley is a special piece of the Macon County community.

"It's a gift of her making everyone feel special," Bogza said. "That's unique. I wonder if this is something you can teach or whether that is natural, and I don't care. It's so amazing."

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