Flashover risk adds heat to firefighter responses

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KENNEY, Ill. (WAND) – Firefighters spent time learning about the dangers of flashovers this weekend.

A flashover happens when everything in a room that caught fire hits its ignition temperature. Everything from furniture, carpet and even people can be at risk when the situation heats up.

Trainers say flashovers are a bigger problem now than they were decades ago.

“Everything that’s made nowadays is made of out basically synthetics, which is a form of gasoline,” trainer Michael Kucaba said. “So by the time the 911 call comes in and by the time the department gets there, which is usually in 7 to 10 minutes, they could be at flashover stage at that point because everything goes up so fast now.”

Sauk Valley Science led the training session on Saturday. It put firefighters through a simulator that showed what a flashover situation might look like.

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