Stroller donation helps child move forward

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TUSCOLA, Ill. (WAND) – A foundation made a big difference in the life of a central Illinois child.

Since the age of one, Dilynn Wilson has dealt with cerebral palsy. Doctors told her she would never walk on her own, but that didn’t stop her from crawling, then walking and eventually playing sports. Eight years later, she doesn’t even need braces.

She’s been going to the ATI Foundation for physical therapy each week for the last seven years.

“She is such a hard-working and strong-willed girl,” said ATI clinical director Jessica Ray.

Wilson still needs a stroller at times to get around when longer distances are involved. With high costs, her family turned to ATI to see if it could help cover expenses.

It gave them $3,000 – a move that changed things for Wilson.

“I just felt like nobody should put limits on her – and she’s just proved everybody wrong,” her mother, Amy Wilson, said.

Dilynn says she uses the stroller to go on walks or go to the zoo.

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