Tornado safety starts with preparedness

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(WAND) – With tornado season approaching, it’s important to stay prepared and be ready with the right supplies.

WAND-TV’s Bob Trihy recommends packing what’s called a “to go bag”, which includes things like a charged cell phone, batteries, a weather radio and water. The bag will help someone stay prepared in case their house is hit by high winds and power is lost.

He recommends putting non-perishable food in the bag for emergency situations, like granola bars or nuts. A dust mask could be useful when dealing with debris in the air. Toilet paper may also prove useful.

Important documents, like a passport, should also be kept safe. Trihy says people should carry cash in case their local bank loses power.

If a tornado warning is activated, families are asked to take shelter in a structure’s lowest level. A basement is the safest. A person should put as many walls between them and the storm as possible. NOAA radios should be kept close by.

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