Clinton High talks national school walk-out, lays out consequences


CLINTON, Ill. (WAND) - Ahead of a nationally planned school walk-out in response to the deadly Florida high school shooting, Clinton High School is discussing what participating will mean for their students.

Students across the country are planning to walk out of class March 14 to rally for gun control and show solidarity with the families of the 17 killed in Florida.

Clinton sent a letter to parents explaining that they held a meeting with students to hear from those who wanted to participate and to explain to them what the consequences would be if they choose to do so.

The principal expressed in the letter that they were proud of the students who spoke about why they felt compelled to walk out.

However, the school said while they applaud the students for wanting to make the world around them a better place, as a whole it cannot condone or support the actions they are taking.

The school said students who participate in the walk-out will face the following consequences:

1) Will be assigned an unexcused absence

2) As a result of truancy, will be assigned an in school suspension

3) Athletes cannot participate in events and practices that day

4) Seniors (as a result of the in school suspension) will not be allowed to attend the senior trip

5) If participation in the walk-out results in the student's second suspension, they will not be allowed to go to prom

The school asked parents to discuss the walk-out with their children.

Law enforcement will be present, and the school said it will make sure students who participate in the walk-out are safe.

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