Police chief's house among those hit during string of burglaries


WESTVILLE, Ill. (WAND) - The Westville Police Chief went from protector to victim when his home was broken into during a string of residential burglaries.

Chief Dave Booe said the break-ins have been happening at all times of the day and night over the past few weeks.

Doors are being kicked in and jewelry and cash taken. Some guns have even been stolen from homes.

Booe said his house was broken into on Feb. 18 or 19.

Booe works as an officer for four different small police departments. He was working for Catlin on Feb. 19. Around 3 in the afternoon, a neighbor called and told him his front door was open.

The thief or thieves stole two guns, including a shotgun Booe's grandfather gave him, a camcorder, and a jar of change.

Officers are stepping up patrols in hopes of catching the burglar or burglars.

Anyone with information is asked to call Westville police at 267-2131 or Vermilion County Crime Stoppers at 446-TIPS.

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