Lake lease for old marina on Lake Springfield could be revoked


SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WAND) - The current lake lease holder for the old marina on Lake Springfield may lose that lease if it is not cleaned up soon.

The old marina building at 71000 and 7200 Woodland Trail has to be cleaned up within 30 days. The building has been falling apart for years. Debris floated into the lake.

The land around the lake is owned and leased by City Water, Light and Power. Springfield resident Christopher Weihmeir has held the lease on the marina since 2007. The property has been in default since August 2017.

Weihmeir said he has not been able to clean up the property or any of his properties for the last couple of years due to serious illness.

Prairie State Bank holds the mortgage and said it is willing to work with the city to clean the old marina up.

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