Hooked: The Addict


DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) - For the past few weeks, we've been taking a closer look at the opioid crisis in Illinois. In the latest story we are introducing you to a musician with local roots who's telling the story of addiction through song.

Lyman Ellerman's been writing songs since he was a kid.

“When we had bands around here when I was young, we would play songs that I had written. I probably wouldn't play any of them today."

These days, he's touring with a new song, "Call me an addict." 

"The guy that I wrote it with described it as 'not the feel-good song of the summer,’" said Ellerman

It's a song he wrote after a conversation with his son Ryley, who was back home after college and addicted to opioids.

"He told me one day that he didn't really understand why I couldn't just accept him the way he was, that he needed that to feel good because he just didn't think he could feel good on his own. He was trying to assure me that he was in control. I was real proud of him for even being at a place where he could say 'Dad, this is what I want to say,'" said Lyman.

Last October, Ryley died of an overdose. But Lyman is carried on and produced a music video with a local filmmaker. 

"I hope that it can touch somebody and help somebody that's in that realize that we still love you and we understand better what predicament you're in and the pain you're going through,” said Lyman.

Lyman is selling the single of his song online and giving half the proceeds to addiction-related causes. You can hear the song by clicking here.

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