Springfield smokestack to be demolished


SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WAND) – A 50-year-old yellow-brick smokestack near North Ninth Street will be torn down this year to, according to a hospital spokeswoman, “improve the look of campus.”

The structure will be demolished as a part of a $2.4 million project that will be completed by October.

Included in the project will also be the rerouting of exhausts for natural-gas powered boilers an air conditioners that currently vent the smokestack.

All of this will enhance the appearance of the St. John's campus and is part of our transformation efforts," said St. John's spokeswoman Erica Johnson.

Once the 180-foot-tall structure is removed, exhaust from the boilers and air conditioning units will be moved to the side of HSHS St. John’s Children’s Hospital. According to officials, an enclosure will be built around the exhaust to make it less visible.

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