Police expand investigation of deadly hit-and-run

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RANTOUL, Ill. (WAND)- Illinois State Police announced they are expanding their investigation into the hit-and-run death of University of Illinois student Francis Edelen on March 21.

Police said Edelen had been involved in a traffic crash on I-57 southbound near Rantoul and was walking away from the scene of the crash when he was hit and killed by a vehicle or vehicles in the right lane of traffic.

Initially, investigators reported that Edelen may have been hit by a large vehicle like a truck-tractor semi-trailer. On Wednesday, state police announced another possibility, that Edelen could instead have been hit by a passenger car or a vehicle with a low profile and then hit by a larger profile vehicle like a pick-up, SUV or minivan.

Police say they also believe Edelen was then run over by a higher profile vehicle like an SUV, minivan or pick-up. They are also looking to speak with any drivers who may have swerved to avoid the scene. Police ask anyone with information to contact them at (217) 278-5004.  

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