Spike in pedestrian deaths prompts road warning

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ILLINOIS (WAND) – State police are warning drivers against dangerous maneuvers if they’re stranded on the road.

Troopers say drivers should avoid leaving their car if possible. They say the safest place to be after a crash is in the car with a seat belt on.

New reminders from state police came after numbers showed a new high in pedestrian deaths, with 2017 statistics from the Governor’s Highway Safety Association showing that year had more deaths than any other in the last 25 years.

If a driver has to get out of their car, troopers say the person should move off the road and keep eyes on traffic. They say stepping in front of traffic and trying to wave down help or direct traffic is a bad idea. Drivers are asked to move out of lanes of traffic if the maneuver can be done safely.

Crashes should be reported to 911 before calling family or an insurance company.

Other drivers on the road can help prevent pedestrian deaths by slowing down or changing lanes if they see a vehicle stuck on the side of the road. The “Move Over” Law in Illinois requires drivers to slow down or change lanes if they see an emergency or police vehicle stopped on the road.

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