Poster of online ad selling child for sex sentenced

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Andrew Turley, 30 Andrew Turley, 30

HOUSTON (WAND) – A former Illinois man is going to prison for selling his daughter for sex on Craigslist.

Andrew Turley, 30, will spend 60 years in prison on charges of child trafficking and compelling prostitution of a minor. Prosecutors say a 2015 online ad offered sex with a girl “younger than 10”. Turley said in that ad he would drug the girl before a sexual encounter.

Turley didn’t know he was sending emails to undercover Houston police officers. The Harris County District Attorney’s Office says Turley tried to charge $1,000 for two hours with the 4-year-old.

NBC 12 reports the ad was titled, "Play With Daddie's Little Girl".

The undercover officer came to the scene, delivered the cash, and arrested Turley after he led him to a room where the girl was lying drugged.

Court records in Sangamon County show Turley lived in Springfield in the late 2000s. He then moved to Wisconsin.

Turley’s sentence specifies that he can’t earn parole until he’s served 45 years behind bars.

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