Mister Softee store opens in Decatur


Decatur, Ill (WAND) – The great taste of Mister Softee ice cream is now available in a store at Overlook Adventure Park.

Haley Huddleston and Terri Chance have been operating a Mister Softee truck in Decatur for 5 years.  They are now opening one of the few free-standing stores providing the popular soft serve treat in the country.  The store provides some flavors not available from the traditional truck.

“There are a few Mister Softee stores around the country,” Huddleston told WAND’s Doug Wolfe.  “One in California, one in New Jersey.  It’s just something a little different we wanted to try and we’ve had a great relationship with the Decatur Park District.”

The store opened Friday morning.  It will be open Thursday through Sunday during the month of April.  The Mister Softee store is currently operating on a one-year lease with the park district but the owners hope this is a long-term venture.

Huddleston and Chance say they will continue to operate the Mister Softee truck along with the store.  The store will be open for the weekend including Easter Sunday.  The business will be seasonal operating during the same months as Overlook Adventure Park.

(Pictured: Mister Softee customer Mark Scranton of Mt. Zion)

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