Healthcare changes are coming to Illinois residents Sunday


SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WAND) - Hundreds of thousands of Illinois residents with medicaid will have their coverage change Sunday when they’re transferred into a managed care program called HealthChoice Illinois. The point of the new program is to reduce healthcare costs.

The state department of healthcare and Family services has contracted seven different private MCOs to provide healthcare to serve all 72 counties affected by the program.

Critics have been quite vocal about the 4 year 60 billion dollar plan. Questions have been raised about the MCO’s chosen and concerns about the MCOs’ reimbursement rates and the state’s track record of monitoring them.

Democratic Rep. Greg Harris of Chicago raised the question if 7 healthcare providers is enough to cover all patients. Kevin Stewart of the Great Lakes Home Medical Services Association has requested lawmakers to better regulate the MCO’s practices.


The implementation of this healthcare change has been deferred until further notice. Illinois residents will be given a 30 day window to choose a healthcare plan from when the new plan begins. WAND will provide more details as they are readily available. Below you can find the link to the provider notice for more information.

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