Park Board weighs amphitheater additions

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DECATUR, Ill. (WAND)- The Decatur Park Board approved additional features for the forthcoming Nelson Park Amphitheater at their meeting Wednesday.

The additional features, known as alternates, include a $77,000 plan to add underground conduit so the board or other groups could later add audio and other equipment without having to tear up existing concrete.

They also include $49,000 of power upgrades to increase the amount of electricity available for acts at the amphitheater.

“The base bid was for 800 amps. Our acoustical and lighting representatives have suggested we increase that to as much as 2,000 amps,” said Larry Livergood of Architectural Expressions. “It just provides more flexibility for the amphitheater in the future in terms of the type of act that can come in and utilize the facility."

While the board approved the alternates, they also asked for more information about whether increasing the wattage to just 1,600 amps would still meet the needs of performers but at a lower cost.

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