Rodney Davis shocks Edinburg Jr. High students

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EDINBURG, Ill. (WAND) -  Since the Parkland shooting, gun violence has been a pressing issue at schools across America. 

More and more children are standing up and speaking their mind about the issue of gun safety, and students at Edinburg Jr. High School are no different.

Students wrote to Illinois Congressman Rodney Davis with the hope of hearing his future plans in regard to gun safety laws. 

Much to their surprise, Davis decided to come and speak to the students and answer all of their questions.

"I knew when I got that stack of letters, and read through them, I had to come visit these kids," Davis said.

English teacher, Heather Archey, wanted her students to understand the power their voices could have.

Davis discussed school safety and his stance on the issue. He also asked what changes students would like to see.

"There's the security guards and metal detectors, I couldn't see anyway around it," student Zach Turley said. "That's the safest way, even though kids don't really want to go through airport security every morning."

Jenny Freeman says even having a counselor or panic buttons at the school could make a difference. 

Davis said he was very impressed with the letters he received, and wanted to bring reassurance to the students. 

"These kids are concerned. These kids are worried, and they need to be heard, " Davis said. "They need to be listened to."

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