New School Funding Formula Dollars for Districts


SPRINGFIELD, IL (WAND) - Decatur and Taylorville School Districts to receive additional funding from new formula. State Senator Andy Manar who helped push the new evidence based school funding formula says, "The data we have now reinforces what we already knew: that there is astonishing unfairness in how school districts around Illinois are funded." Decatur District 61 was categorized as Tier 1 meaning it is among the least adequately funded school districts in the state. District 61 will receive more than $2.3 million in new money. Taylorville Public School will receive more than $225 thousand in new money. Two Christian County school districts, Pana and South Ford were categorized as Tier 1 schools, meaning they are among the most underfunded districts in the state. The Illinois State Board of Education Thursday issued vouchers to the State Comptroller that clear the way for school districts around the state to begin receiving money under the new evidence-based model for school funding. For more information on distribution figures visit

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