Armed man injures 4 in Indianapolis

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INDIANAPOLIS, In. (WAND) - An individual in Indianapolis is in police custody after stabbing three people.

Gary Madison, 57, of Indianapolis faces charges of battery by means of a deadly weapon. 

Madison rode his bicycle to the downtown area of Indianapolis and began to use a siren feature on his megaphone to harass people. Madison is known to use the megaphone to yell at people but generally did not use the siren.

A group of friends approached Madison and asked him to stop using the siren as one individual on the scene had epilepsy and was prone to seizures. According to the victims, Madison immediately pulled a knife when they asked him to stop.

Three family members jumped in to stop the man from stabbing a pregnant woman, leading to one person being stabbed in the stomach while two others were stabbed in the arm. Madison also stabbed himself on accident. After Madison lost his knife he threw his bicycle at the family. All four individuals were hospitalized with two of them being in critical condition while two remain in serious condition. 

The family members managed to subdue the man until police were able to arrive and arrest him. 

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