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DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) – Macon Resources Inc. has a way with bringing the best out in people.

The stories MRI creates are all over the place. Take Tabatha Dick, who went to the business to help her grow socially. She’s gone from quiet to the life of the party.

“When I met Tabatha, you could get two words out of her,” said MRI Executive Chef Dan Snieder. “She was very introverted (and) very careful. Now you can’t get her to shut up!”

Then there’s Richard Hollenback, who learned how to cook through MRI. He says his favorite thing to make in the kitchen is a cheeseburger.

People come into MRI and learn at the pace that works for them. Their development can lead to career opportunities outside of Macon Resources.

“(In) the day program, individuals come here each day from 9 to 3 and we provide services to them to teach them about social skills, employment skills (and) just a variety of skills to help them go out into the community to work or be a part of the community," said Day Vocational Services Director Allisa Dozier.

MRI is always looking for volunteers to help out. Find out more about them here.

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