Logan County mayor steps down in exchange for no legal action


Mt. Pulaski, Ill (WAND) – The mayor of Mt. Pulaski is asking the city council not to seek legal action against him in return for his resignation.

The mayor, Jim Cole, submitted a letter of resignation on Saturday but it is dated April 10, 2018.  In it he states “I tender my resignation to take effect immediately with the following stipulation, no legal action on the allegations being leveled at me.”

In March, members of the Mt. Pulaski city council called on the mayor to resign.  In an open meeting they stated Cole .would face legal action if he did not step down.  Among the allegations were having a city employee do work on the mayor’s property without council approval, the mayor signed a nearly $10,000 check to a railroad without council approval and for allegedly signing a union contract without council approval.

The council must now vote to accept or reject the resignation letter.

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