Medical marijuana dispensary warning about fake weed


SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WAND) - K2, Spice... most likely you have heard these common names for synthetic cannabis now. Three people have already died in Illinois from using it.

The fake drug can cause severe bleeding and serious medical issues, including death.

Now, HCI Alternatives medical cannabis dispensary is warning patients to stay away from the products.

"Our industry has worked very hard to ensure every product we produce and sell is completely natural, safely tested and securely delivered so that our patients know exactly what they are buying and how their body's natural chemistry will react to it before, during and after ingestion. These fake products have no regulation, no health benefits and are extremely dangerous, " said HCI CEO Chris Stone.

These fake drugs are sold at come convenience stores, gas stations, and are being sold online and by drug dealers.

HCI said patients who come across the products should alert their local police departments.

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