Animal Control euthanizes puppies; family left heartbroken

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Photo from The News-Gazette Photo from The News-Gazette

SADORUS, Ill. (WAND) – An Illinois man was shocked to discover puppies he hoped would find homes instead died.

The News-Gazette reports Eberhard Brieschke ended up with 11 dogs in his house after one of three living there had puppies last August. He paired three of the eight puppies with homes, then gave the other five to Champaign County Animal Control in the hope that they’d find families.

The paper says that department euthanized all five of those dogs on arrival in early March.

Brieschke was sure that giving the dogs to animal control would help them find homes, but director Stephanie Joos says the department never indicated it would place the puppies. Brieschke tried to get the puppies back when his daughter decided she wanted to keep some of them and learned about what happened over the phone.

Joos added that dogs are often euthanized because the department doesn't have room and dogs they receive often aren't neutered.

Brieschke told the newspaper that the decision to give animal control the puppies was “the biggest mistake” of his life, because he didn't realize they would die.

He still has Elly, the mother dog, at his home in Sadorus.

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