I-Dot and state police crack down on work zone safety

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Provided: Illinois State Police Provided: Illinois State Police

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WAND) - Road construction is in full swing throughout the state, and I-Dot and state police are cracking down on work zone safety. 

Wednesday, I-Dot held a press conference for National Work Zone Awareness week in order to remind drivers of the importance of work zone safety. 

State police say they will be on the look out for speeding, following too closely and texting while driving in work zones. 

LT. J.W. Price, District Nine Commander of Illinois State Police, says over 13,000 citations were issued for distracted driving in 2017

"We are being more aggressive this year. In fact, April is distracted driving month," Price says. "Every district in the state is putting a big enhancement on distracted driving."

Illinois is the host state for National Work Zone Awareness Week. 

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