Net neutrality bill advances to state House

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ILLINOIS (WAND) – An Illinois bill that would uphold net neutrality in the state is moving forward at the capitol.

A 6-2 vote pushed net neutrality legislation through the Cybersecurity, Data Analytics and IT Committee. Its next hurdle will be on the House floor in the state.

On April 23, new regulations from the Federal Communications Commission will take hold. They reverse net neutrality regulations created by former president Barack Obama, which were meant to stop internet service providers from charging more or less for certain services.

Illinois joined a 23-state lawsuit against the new rule. Rep. Ann Williams’ bill promises to prevent changes for internet providers who continue with neutrality.

Cable television and other telecommunications groups are against possible state-level net neutrality, arguing the concept would be confusing for the global web enterprise.

Washington and Oregon already voted to approve net neutrality laws.

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